NOAA Weather Radio App Reviews

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Great app. I cant believe Im the first to rate this!

great app!

Love the warning notifications.

Weather noaa app

What a wonderful everything you need

Excellent hiking buddy

Best hiking buddy you will find. No nonsense pure weather reporting.


5/5 Best Weather Radio app!

Safety app

Like all the features. Hope you add Canada too

NOAA WXR App Review

I very much like the app because as a Weather Radio listener, I get to hear other WXRs outside my city and country. The only thing I dont like is that ther are not enough Canadian cities represented. The Collingwood stream is noisy and the Winipeg station has been off line, according to the app for some time. It would be nice to hear stations from: Montreal, Toronto and a better stream of Collingwood, along with all the other NOAA Weather Radio transmitters represented. I cant speak for the other features because I use this app, primarily to listen to Weather Radio, for the purpose of my newsletter and to find out what could be happening with any severe weather. Over all it is a great app and I recommend it to anyone and everyone who listens to Weather Radio both in Canada and the US.

Weather app review

Like this weather app app and its concept but I dont always receive my weather alerts on time and we need more weather radio stations on the app

It needs fixing

Everything on it is pretty good except the part you actually want the app for, the radio, my local one is offline according to it, so I called the NWS and they said its online, this app needs fixed This is for Kansas City

Total junk

Radio station doesnt work. Hasnt worked in a long time. Alerts dont activate even though I know there are alerts in my area. When I first bought the app the developer had the scheme that if you reviewed the app and gave it five stars, youd get bonus content. Shady. Dont trust the 5 stars. Buyer beware.

Not as advertised. Doesnt work in KC area

Doesnt work with ANY of the NOAA or NWS stations in my area (Kansas City). Purchased during storm and none of the stations in my area work.

Weather Radio in Topeka, KS never works

The Topeka Weather radio has never worked and always says its off line even in a Tornado Watch. I paid for this App & the radio portion in Topeka never worked. I want Apple App Store to notify me the reason and refund my payment. Or, contact the Topeka, KS weather radio station and find out the reason and fix it. Otherwise, refund my account.


This app is ridiculous! The only station around my area has been offline FOREVER!!!!!! Worse weather app possible!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

Never works in NYC

Always offline in NYC and Long Island NY

No response from support

I have emailed support about a station being down and not marked as such. The only reason I bought this app was to monitor that one station. I get that he isnt the host of the stations but if one is down then take it down. Ill update my review if I ever get a response.

App is a fraud

I cant get my station to work. The error message is "station is offline". NOAA radio never goes offline, ever. I tried some other stations, even in other states, and get the same error message. This app is useless.

Not Worth the Price if Free

Junk. Cannot listen to any NWS radio broadcasts (ALWAYS reported as "offline"). 3rd-rate graphics. No support. Sticking your finger in the air gives you more info.

No longer sending SMS alerts for Chicago/northeast Ilinois

This app used to be great! Now, it just seems to have given up on the weather for the northeastern Illinois. The radio station (KWO 39 Chicago) has apparently ceased to exist (gone from the stand alone radios as well) which, Ill admit, isnt the apps fault. But, there is still Rockford and DeKalb, which sometimes works...sometimes! Like the above says, it no longer delivers SMS text alerts. Will be looking for a new app soon. UPDATE: Lockport radio seems to work. But, still not receiving SMS alerts! App is in serious need of an update!

Great app

Easy to use. Alerts work amazingly well and have always warned me when necessary. This app is a full replacement of my actual weather radio. I was skeptical at purchase but wouldnt hesitate to recommend now. Well worth the small cost.

NOOA Weather Radio App

App is trash. Multiple locations are consistently offline or have no audio. Find another app or buy a real weather radio. Tech support is terrible.

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