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Grate App

This app is just Grate they keep u informed when some thing is going on,

Handy awesome

Good stuff really enjoy this app :)


Great app keeps me up to date when I’m at home or on the go

Maybe a good app.....

......but it only connects to one NWS radio station in Georgia

Great App!

I’m a truck driver and I go over the hill between Sacramento and Reno frequently. I rely on this app to help me get through safely.

Life saver!

This app is incredible, I can check the weather anywhere in the United States. I can also monitor the weather wherever my family is located. I get instantaneous Alerts just like if I were in their home. It’s so nice to be able to check the weather for my app. I’ve even checked the weather in the United States, when I was in Europe and Asia.

NOAA radio

Good idea..... but; radio stations only say "connecting" but never do. Customer support was not there. No response. Updated: worked well for awhile, now it won’t work.

Good app

Works well

Good Stuff

Very good


Gives up to minute info when needed.

Reliable Protection

NOAA radio is great way to learn of current and future weather concerns. I also use it for updates on family and friends who are in other states and inform them of possible issues. By using the NOAA radio app, our family can be prepared for weather events and make certain we have bottled water and extra provisions. We can also inform others of what may be in store. I would most definitely recommend the NOAA radio app for everyone! aeballfamily


don’t bother it hardly ever works... if there is a storm, you are better off with a local television app.

Great app

Alerts me anytime there is severe weather! Feel much safer with this app on my phone!

Works great

This works as expected.

One app that is extremely helpful!

This app is helpful but only with certain limitations. The station nearest me (Shreveport, LA) has been offline for sometime now. Dallas is about 3 hours away from me and Little Rock is 2 hours away. From what I’ve read on here, the developer of this app needs to do some research and find out how to improve it. It’s a great app, but it definitely needs work to improve it!

Weather app

Excellent textual presentation . Just wish it were accesible on a cellular network

Great addition to

Before smartphones and the many tv reports NOAA was the constant in up to date weather reporting. Started listening to NOAA as a kid and still rely on them without all the ads and distractions. As one who leaves near the ocean, the marine forecasts are a must. Great app.

Weather Radio

I’m a spotter and find this app to be a very handy addition to my collection of weather monitoring apps and software. Especially convenient to listen while driving.

Kept us connected

After loosing cable and internet during IRMA, we were very happy to stay connected via NOAA Radio. We got authoritative info about the storm’s progress and reliable advice about safety precautions.

Used to be a good app as far as the radio

I have had this app for years it was always my go to weather app cannot get the stations that I use and I have sent several emails with no response I use Gilmer Texas and San Angelo Texas stations but at least I get the texts really wish they would fix it

Hoping this works well

I haven't used this app yet, but we're under a tornado warning. Please don't let us down.

Must have

Solid downtime. Accurate info that is a must have for travelers and sportsmen. Great Job guys!

You can’t beat it when it works

Six or so months ago I was unable to get many stations at all and principally my own city. But it appears to be working flawlessly now. But there are a lot of other cities I would like to check that have not been as good. Nonetheless, i use this app almost every day and I’m satisfied.


This by far is my favorite weather app!

NOA weather radio

Very good stuff not disappointed at all

NOAA weather radio app

I believe this is going to be an excellent app for me! This is my first time using it, so I am sure it will be great!

NOAA radio

I love this app. Sends alarm when there is an acute alert. Very accurate and timely. Can set your alarm preferences.

Not worth money

Alerts don’t always work and noaa radio Hasn’t worked for months. Sent emails and got no reply to any of them. Only good thing is map. My one star would be different if support ever stepped up and got this thing working again. But they just don’t seem to care. My rating is based on that and noaa radio not working since spring.

Decent app

Work adequately.

Great App

Works great for us in the Chicago Area!


I use this when I travel. Great asset for me.


I love this app. I set alerts for where family members are as well as myself. It always keeps me up to date and has replaced keeping a weather radio on all the time.

App is Broken -- Radio Does Not Work

Edit: Radio function now works.Weather radio does not work. When I try to listen to a station (any station), it hangs on the "Connecting" animation. This has been going on for months. Will the app ever be fixed? You'd think if any feature worked on the "NOAA Radio" app it'd be the radio, but nope. I have had good experiences with other NOAA apps, but this one is total garbage. I will adjust this review accordingly if the devs ever get around to fixing it.


I changed cars and the new car doesn’t have NOAA radio. (Thanks Mercedes). My disappoint went away when I remembered I’d gotten this app. Works great and has more flexibility than the in-car version in the old car.

A lifesaver.

Turned on my phone the app said important message click here I clicked took me to an ad for more stuff to put on their app up your’s....

Decent app

It is a NOAA radio app and does serve the purpose of giving me access to NOAA radio for whatever area I'm in. Alerts would be a good feature to add. I'm currently in a watch area for tornados spinning off of Hurricane Nate. I'm out of town and am not familiar with local stations so I'd like to know that this app is reliable to keep me informed.

Quality app

I have had an in home noaa system for a good part of my life but after it broke I looked for and electronic replacement of the same quality and this is exactly what I got.

Good app

Hard to get signal on my weather radio so this is great. Also can listen to my other favorite locations around the country


Very good and reliable app.

Garbage No Support

Bought the app with expectations of listening and anticipation of Hurricane Irma. What a waste of money and time. The feeds by “city” don’t work. And proximity cities play the same crackle news. So, save your money and don’t fall for the features this app claims to have. BTW... emailed support 4 weeks ago. Nothing! and shameful

Excellent app!!!

Thank you for the excellent app. It has been invaluable during hurricane season.

Reliable, whenever it's actually streaming

I love NOAA because if electricity goes out, you can still stream it either on your phone or the radio which you can buy for about $30. It's really vital information for storms and warnings. 4 Star/5; being the Con is sometimes it doesn't stream.

Good app to have

I downloaded this app after a tornado came through my area. I had a Midland weather scanner that worked "spotty" at best. The thing actually crashed when I needed it the most. I have not been disappointed with this app at all. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good weather app.

great fishing aid

Great for fishing on the Great Lakes. Know when to go and know when to get back to shore!!

Go To

I have used NOAA services for years. Most accurate and dependable weather service. I took it a step further and downloaded this app so I can take this service with me wherever I go. Since moving from California to Oklahoma this was very important to me and my family. Knowledge is power and I hope you too find the power of knowing the weather at any time with this app.


I’m a weather geek and can’t get much out of this. I get warnings I haven’t chosen get tornado warnings 10 minutes after tv stations and 10 minutes after heavy storms come through. I’m so disappointed because I needed this to work


I Purchased the app because of Irma. Being from the middle Georgia area, it doesn't support any local NOAA Broadcast stations so it wasn't really useful to me. Also it eats up battery life.

Must Hsve

Great App-Especially when severe weather is predicted. I know I can count on this for accurate information


No complaints. Have app on my 7+ iPhone, only issue was poor internet/cell coverage due to Hurricane Irma. Use it when traveling also.

Best overall wx app

This is my go to app when I want to see what’s going on in my area. Hands down the best offered for alerts and updates.

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