NOAA Weather Radio App Reviews

Good app

NOAA Radio provides up-to-date weather info.

Great app.

Works ok but some stations not online yet.

Great app

I love this app.! Tells me everything that I need to know. I put in all the surrounding counties which I like. Very helpful app.


I’ve been listening to NOAA radio since I was young. This format has made it even better. Best thing for server weather.


App would be great if radio worked!


I think NOAA is truly a great notification app to use and I will continue to experience. GreatEmiles

Looks horrible and functions horribly

Looks horrible and functions horribly. No location lookup and just gives a list of weather radio locations sorted by state? I mean I could google that! I want an app with a brain.

Very beneficial

Very helpful especially as we go through multiple storms here in NC. A must have.

Worth it

Great app! It always alerts me anytime there is bad weather. Glad to have this app.

Great Weather source

I am new to this ap but so far it is working great.


The only radio in Georgia I could pick up is Atlanta and I live in Savannah! 4 hours away!

Great When Away From Home

I use a weather radio at home, this app is great when I’m at work or away from home. Plus it allows me to get detailed radar images when my weather radio goes off.

Great App

Great app with real time alerts. Never fails to alert with important alerts. Very customizable


My “home” station is Boston and it seems to be down more often than not. 2 stars if this is an app problem. If it’s a NOAA problem, 5 stars. I love it when it works.


Great app. Very informative

Awesome Maps

I love the maps in this app. Also the county warnings. I think I will always keep this app!

Good app

Good app. I love it. It’s awesome.

Not bad

I like listening to the weather. Sometimes some of the stations don’t always come through.

Not working

The local station in our area has not been working on your app for months.

None better!

Been comparing, and this is outstanding. I live in New Orleans, and was just alerted by NOAA Radio to flooding possibilities in the midst of a heavy rain. Life-preserving Service!

Grate Product

I like receiving weather information more directly from NOAA


Been searching for noaa radio app for awhile and finally now I have noaa weather radio. Thanks

Ok but slow to load and a bit clunky

The app has nice features but it is not very efficient


I use this to track storms in my area a


Thank you, I love this app. Even better than I ever expected. Thanks again.


It’s a very helpful app especially when we are facing bad weather

Love this app

I don't leave home without it I haven't done the upgrade yet but heard a free one is out. But really everyone should get this weather raido it could save your life. Sarah

Great App!

This app has very accurate radar data. Keeps me up to date with current weather.

Sleep Better

We sleep better at night knowing if severe weather happens NOAA Weather Radio will notify us to wake us up.

Weather app

Have been using it in Michigan and Florida. Always accurate and trustworthy. Get it!

Reliable & Accurate

I’ve used this app for years and can always rely on it for my safety. However sometimes the stations are offline which can be frustrating but other than that I love it.

Doesn’t work

Got this app ahead of the recent hurricane. As soon as I downloaded, I tried listening the the local weather radio station. Didn’t work. Tried a few more and then a few more. 1 in 10 actually loaded. The maps are not insightful. Much better maps for free on I want my money back.

NOAA Radio App

Excellent information and just as good as having a weather radio. Good and useful right on your phone. 5 stars.

Good app

I haven't had this app for long, but so far it's a good one. I like the different notification sounds. Tonight may be a great test for the app as we're slated for severe storms. Hopefully it warns me.


App. Just like the sw radio.

Best app for weather radio & warnings

This app allows you to access the weather radio in any state. It also provides speedy alerts for weather warnings.

Good App

I have used this app for about three years and have found it to be very helpful in alerts for dangerous conditions no matter where I am located.

Great WX App

A comprehensive weather app which affords its users with update & relevant data and information about the weather.

Best App Ever

This is one of the best Apps on my iPhone. With this app, I receive weather up to date weather reports regardless of my location and lousy radio reception. If you travel around the country, you can receive updated weather anytime for anywhere in the US and parts of Canada. Awesome App!!!

Great app!

Love the app!

Best alert for weather available

Best alert system for weather available

Does the job

I like the alerts. Timely and possible to ignore. Like having it where ever I go.


An app that carries all the official NOAA weather radio stations. I haven’t heard a NOAA weather report in years as most apps do not have this function. Bravo.

The TRUTH about the weather

I love NOAA Weather & this APP. The information on this app is accurate and not full of drama, it’s information you can depend on to keep you and your family prepared and safe for bad weather and confident in good weather that you can enjoy outdoors activities without any unexpected surprises of bad weather. It’s honest weather reporting, get the information you need when you want it, NOAA Weather does not dramatize the weather facts only.

Needs fixin

This is a really cool app, when it works . I live in Louisiana and the radio for Louisiana hasn’t worked since I bought this app. Please fix this. I love the whether and would love to listen to the news about the radio


What good is a weather radio that doesn’t connect when you need it.. Avoid !!!

Great for Updates. Terrible for Radio.

The app has been great for me through Florence. The emergency alerts are reliable, timely, and clear. I read the written reports. However, the radio did not connect for me. This is not good. I understand that some radios cannot connect in inclement weather. Even still, the purpose of the app is to connect to data about inclement weather. In summary, it’s great for written updates! I would give five stars if that were the solely advertised app ability. Because it sells itself as a radio, and the app radio could not connect to multiple weather radios, I need to take away a star.

Old and expired data from accuweather.

I had high hopes for this when I purchased it and then I found out that this app does not work in Bloomington, Indiana. It also does not work in many other locations. AccuWeather used host NOAA weather radio stations for free and then they stopped supporting that a few years ago. This company just pulled the data from AccuWeather so as stations failed to be updated, they are now not working on this app. This why I am giving it one star.

Working Great

The application works really good came online real fast. I am in the USCG Aux and weather information is important Tom me.

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