NOAA Weather Radio App yorumlar

Golf Course Approved

Works great to make sure my high school golfers are safe when storm roll into any area that we are playing!!

Best weather App for Oklahoma.

I have used this app for years and it has been invaluable especially when storm watches and warnings are announced. I highly recommend this app to anyone.

Great NOAA Weather Radio!

Happy Girl: I live in Texas where we get a lot of tornado watches & warnings. I rely on the NOAA radio feature whenever tornado warnings are issued. I'm glad that I have this app. to help me prepare for winter precip. too. Only "negative" is when the NOAA weather radio stations are "off line" :<

Save your money

Radio feature does not work.


My go to APP for weather.

Rarely works, Almost Always off-line

I tried to use this app about a dozen times. About once or twice I successfully got NOAA weather radio.

Love NOAA Radio App

I downloaded this app thinking I would use it only occasionally but it turns out that I use it daily. It is my go to for my daily weather outlook. I also use it for weather updates when I travel. I find it particularly easy to access weather alerts and it prompts my phone for these alerts! I love this app and plan on continuing my daily use of it!


I use this app all the time when I’m checking in on my area, as well as keeping up with weather for my family all over the country. Great app, I use it all the time, has definitely improved over time!


This is a horrible app! Do not bother it does not work. I read reviews that the “pro” app $4.99 Does NOT WORK EITHER! Horrible!!!!

A Must have App

Tremendous App, effective, efficient, easy to use. With so many strong storms occurring I am now prepared. Thanks well done. Weather geek

NOAA Radio

Love listening to the NOAA radio in the morning in my phone it helps me know what to expect. Reliable app

Weather Radio

I always use this app because I have friends all over Texas and Louisiana. , and knowing conditions helps me have s safe pleasant trip. Keep up the good work.


I have counted on NOAA Radio for accurate and informative weather news regarding my location. It has not disappointed!!! This is one app that is worth it!!

Life saving

I was out of state last summer in Terre Haute Indiana and I was alerted by the app that there was a tornado in my location so it was life-saving thanks again NOAA radio app Ed

Excellent weather app!

I have been using this app for over 3 years, it keeps me up-to-date on weather development during my work trips, this is the best weather app ever!

Vance Cox

Good APP. Very accurate.

Best weather service out there! Dennis

This app has proven to be the best weather app I have and I have many. It's a no-brainer! This is where the others get their watches and warnings from! Completely cuts out the middle man. I get watches and warnings before it's on radio or TV! Set and forget it! The app will alert you of what you need to know right where you are even if the phone is asleep! Wouldn't be without it anymore.

Tornado Alley

I’ve been using this app ever since my first significant tornado warning here in Oklahoma. I consider this essential for my family’s safety.

Weather app

Great app for alerting me immediately.

NOAA Weather App

Great app. I bought it to check wind direction when hunting. I haven't been to my camp which is about 49 miles away and hope it will work there. I found out that it does not give information at my camp other than what the station 49 miles away is putting out. Seems like the NOAA radios give you local forecasts. David R

Great app!

I use this to listen to NOAA radio reports while monitoring ham radio frequencies. I have never had any trouble with this app.


Love this app and how easy it is to navigate. I’m a total weather freak and have to be up to date on everything even sunshine and perfect. Great app for that!!


I have used the app fir a few years now. I like being able to listen to the NOAA weather broadcasts from other states. I am a Ham Radio Operator and NOAA Weather spotter. I enjoy listening to the weather reports. I have in the past set up severe alerts from other states. This is an enjoyable App.

Poor user experience unless you like ads, a lot

The first option on the first screen opens a page-long ad asking for reviews. Next are four more lines of ads, not even in app purchases but other apps. Hope you like these ads because you have to past them every time you use the app. And there’s a mini App Store built into the app just in case you wanted to buy more apps. See where the priorities are? Not in the usability of this app I’ve already paid for.

NOA radio

App is so new haven’t used it yet

Love it

Very excellent. Love it.


Full of features. Easy to use.

Please don’t purchase this app. Here’s why.

Dallas, TX Dallas_County_TX_TOR and Dallas_County_TX under available radio stations Dallas/Fort Worth has not board cast all of 2017. Maybe someday soon I hope. Between 80% - 90% of the radio stations stays off line 24/7. Finally after making plea after plea i have given up after year. The reply sorry for the inconvenience is just not cutting it anymore I am looking an researching other similar apps in hopes of finding a reliable one. Buy and use at your own risk what a waste of money. Can’t even get my money back my fault. Contacting Apple support to lodge a complaint to investigate and if possible remove seller from the apple store.

Great weather app

A must-have app for weather. One of my most used daily.

NOAA weather

Love this app it's very thorough and complete I love the way the alerts come across on the home screen.

Needs some improvement

I downloaded this app for the weather radio, but so far have not been able to get it to work. It may be my location, and subsequent updates may have remedied the issue. Other than that, I like the app very much. I appreciate the email alerts....they have been extremely helpful! If the radio is improved, my rating will go up to five stars!

Awesome app!

Don't always have TV coverage here when it's stormy, this is great!! Thanks NOAA.

Easy and readable

Easy and accurate. Modifiable and readable for non-weather people!

Life saver

Living in Michigan this app is the absolute must have it works great I love every picture on at the alerts of notices are great I have several weather apps on my phone this is the one I use most.

NOAA Weather Radio is

Love the app for the radio and alerts. Works well for me as I’m a Voiceover user.

Try it.

Useful. Well thought out.

The truth

The only source for what is truly happening with the weather. No news stories no ads no pop ups nothing but weather conditions. The best.

No audio.

Weather radio does not work (Allentown,PA), I have sent several e-mail regarding this problem, no response!

Ray W

Excellent App & great customer support. Best weather on the web.

Works well but often unavailable

I like this app but so many times I have tried to access the local noaa station and I receive a message saying that it is unavailable. I would give it 5 stars if it were more reliable.

Must have severe wether app

For 3 years of using this app it Never fails.. Great tool for keeping safe at home or on the go.

Love it

This app works very well for me and as always throughout the years the information that I receive from NOAA is dependable, keep making it better.

Always offline.

Every time I try to listen to my local station it says “Station Currently Offline”. What’s the point of having a weather radio app if I can’t listen to the radio?

Great app but room for improvements

I love this app I use to be a cart pusher for a grocery store and I used this app every time we were supposed to get a big storm and it was pretty accurate and my boss would let me use it versus having them have to check their weather radio but one thing I would fix is push notifications I haven’t been getting them I do have push notifications turned on but it doesn’t notify me of any sever weather but I have fallen in love with this app whenever I’m out camping with family this comes in handy when I’m sleeping in a tent and it also has come in handy more times than I can really say but other than the notification issue you guys got my 5 stars

Stations do not work

Only station that works is the NHC station, the state stations do not. I’m a skywarn spotter through NOAA and the app used to be pretty helpful when the stations worked but now they don’t. I thought it would after upgrading to an 8 Plus but the stations still do not work. I keep the app in hopes it’ll work again one day and because I paid for it. Until it’s fixed, do not buy.


I am a weather buff and love to stay on top of the local conditions and this app allows me to do that with ease


Notifications don’t work.

Great App!!

This is one FANTASTIC app!! NOAA weather radio is getting harder to but this app always come through!! I travel for my job and I use this app A LOT!!

One app that is extremely helpful!

This app is helpful but only with certain limitations. The station nearest me (Shreveport, LA) has been offline for sometime now. Dallas is about 3 hours away from me and Little Rock is 2 hours away. From what I’ve read on here, the developer of this app needs to do some research and find out how to improve it. It’s a great app, but it definitely needs work!

Love it!

I really love this app. I’m someone that wants to be “in the know” in areas that are hit by severe weather. Also, as a sailor it helps give me an idea how smooth or rough seas are. Thanks guys!

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