NOAA Weather Radio Відгуки

Works for me but not my husband

I have received alerts with no problem however my husband downloaded the same app and has not received any alerts. We are pretty secluded where we live, and there are no sirens in our town, so having this app reach both of us is very important in keeping our family safe.

Live broadcast

Why are ALL stations in my state of Missouri never broadcasting? Any other state, clear as a bell. Not interested in other states! Need Branson, MO live broadcast, please. Hasn’t worked in months!

What Happened?

When I initially downloaded the app, my local station (Providence, RI) worked great. Now it does not connect. I get a connecting message forever. Checked both MA and CT stations and they work fine. Disappointed that I can’t hear my local channel anymore.

Useful app

There are multiple views, a great deal of well organized and timely information

Some work some don’t

I downloaded this app because of flash flood warnings. Unfortunately, all the Arizona stations are currently offline. Not the fault of the app. Other stations work fine.


Most of the Florida city radio forecasts don’t work. Screen shows a constant spinning wheel and says it’s “connecting” but it never does. It does show radar, but I can get that from other apps. I really wanted this for the radio feature.

Good Weather App

I live in a part of the country with very active weather so I have several weather apps to make sure all the bases are covered. I really like the weather radio in this app and it is always the first to notify me with warnings. I also really like that I can see lighting strikes in this app as I participate in many outdoor activities. I have been very pleased with this app.

What a rip off

Doesn’t work or cover the area I’m in ............ worst 4 dollars I ever spent and we are in the middle of a monsoon.......;..............................… I wouldn’t recommend this app to my worst enemy

Radio does not connect

I like the app, but the main reason I purchased the app was to have the weather radio; and it doesn’t work. Get this fixed and I will give a five star.


This is one of the best apps I have used

Storm warnings

I live in Florida and I use this to keep me informed while I am out and about. Very good app!

Thank you Jax NOAA

My husband an offshore fisherman relies with his life on your updates . He uses each and every part of the network to secure his 100 offshore runs . It eases the worried wife in me being able to watch and hear consistent updates while he’s out . You are a part of our family ! Daphna Ariel

Good app

Very handy when there’s severe weather.

Needs quite a few more weather radio stations and GPS station switching

I’m trying to track storms near Jackson, TN and can’t get that particular weather radio feed. Memphis, TN is always down/offline, and others ain’t showing up. Please fix!

Great app!

Great app!

Used to be better

Over time fewer and fewer stations have been available for the full NOAA weather report.


Great App. Better to have on hand a weather radio that is always around for you not just at home or work

Wouldnt be without it

Living in IA, it is critical to have up to the minute weather alerts. This app outperforms The Weather Chanel in time critical alerts. Time and time again, I get the alerts I need from here when I have needed them.

Storms/ Tornado

We are so thankful that we were warned of a storm that had tornadoes imbedded in them. It gave us time to prepare for what could happen. Fortunately the tornadoes missed our neighborhood, but just a few miles from us were devastated.


Excellent app; very dependable and highly accurate. Highly recommend it.

Wonderful app life saver

Had this app for some while and it is great. Love the voice integration also. Must see and must get it could be a lifesaver for everyone. A+++++


I take everything in my first review. Since then, every time I try to listen it tells me it’s not activated for this area! I select my city, the capital, and it also says to check back later. I have to no avail. If there was a way to call someone, I would. Please advise how to contact you! Please activate the station!


Lots of promise, not quite there yet.

Great App!

I utilize many NOAA services including the radio app. I am a kayak and bicyclist living in the Midwest and love the outdoors. Fascinated by Mother Nature and the beautify of this amazing country but also understanding the power, makes this app a great safety tool. I look forward to all of the enhancements and upgrades they are planning to keep us all safe out there.

Never connects

It looks like it’s nicely laid out. That’s why it got the two stars. But I couldn’t give it more of a rating because it never actually connected to play any weather radio but instead just spins and says that it’s connecting.

Great for travel!

I rely on the app when I travel by car to different states. Unavailability of local stations keep me from using it at home, where I have my regular weather radio.


Still works with no issues on my iPhone X. Wonderful concept.


Thank you for having a great app to use

Great app to keep us safe!

Let me know when severe weather is expected and helps me monitor the situation. A must in Alabama! Recommended by James Spann, our weatherman! CJones

KC Offline

I paid $3.99 for this app and cannot even use it as Kansas City is always off line as well as some others that pop up on the short list. Why is that? The radar compared to other apps I have on my phone is not as good either. I purchased this app for the weather radio function. Not a real good app so far. I want a refund!!! How do I get a refund?


Huntsville weather radio has been offline for a few years and that’s why I bought this app. Been patiently waiting for it to get back online. What happened to it, I would love to know.

Love it!

Love this app


I love this app it is the greatest . Thanks

My Port in a Storm BGGal622

The best part about this app for me are the notifications! When bad weather us predicted I sleep much better knowing I’ll be awakened in time! Love the radar & detailed info.

Essential for on the go alerts

I have used this app for years and just reloaded it to my new account. Essentially, I use the radar app and the weather radio app to stay connected during severe weather and power outages. They don’t happen often, but when they do and you need to know, this app is the place to go.

Better than weather channel

Says it all in the title

Very useful

I really like this app...when it is sounding alerts. It seems to do this on and off without me making any changes. We are having severe storms today, and I get a banner notice on my phone but no sound.


Every one should use NOAA to stay notified in real time. Being and staying alert could save you and your family’s lives

Good app to have

An app from the folks that are always saving your butt

Works well

Very clear and concise. Good app definitely glad to have it


I live at the very edge of Tornado Alley, and this app provides very valuable information right when I need it. Highly recommend.

Another junk app

Bought for Pittsburgh weather. It doesn’t work more wasted money on non working apps.

Does not work as advertised

The weather radio feature does not work in my area (Nashville). I have had the app for over a year with developer promises that this would be fixed ‘soon’


Love this has never failed me!!


Useless from a radio standpoint no stations for Montana and that is what Ibought it for


Great app for emergencies!


Great app for simple alerts, wish in app navigation was more intuitive


This is a great app and has been super beneficial on many occasions with expert early warnings. Over a year now still indispensable to mylife and planning.


I think this app is the most important, and look forward to future updates that will improve it, it’s a great feeling to know I have a weather radio in my pocket and with me at all times thanks

Good app

Plenty of info for our area in Kentucky but no access to a couple of stations in Kansas where we still have family. Overall though, we like the app but too many stations in major storm areas are offline. Please correct before I pay for an upgrade!

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