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rene in iowa

4-F DOEs NOT work since installed! several days-ur msg sez: OFFLINE try later stay safe LOL❗️ 5 out of 7 listed AVAILABLE cities/my state don't work.. some an icon just spins . not Connects... no emails answered/phone# busy signal 4 days now.. ⁉️


Great app, I like that I have the NOAA weather radio with me wherever I go. I like that I can get warning whenever needed.

Rip off

This app is a worthless piece of crap.That doesn’t work

Not sure yet?

I haven’t had a chance to use, I just downloaded and so far can’t figure out how anything works? I was told to do a review to unlock parts of the app. So I hope this works!!! Fingers crossed.

Richmond station offline

The Richmond, VA station has been offline for over a year. If you live in the Richmond, area this app will not work.

Great piece of software.

I really appreciate this weather app because I am in the media business and makes me feel safe in the weather situation

NOAA Weather Radio is

Love the app for the radio and alerts. Works well for me as I’m a Voiceover user The link to Fargo Weather žRadio has been broken for several weeks Now. Hope this will get fixed.

Must Have

Love it


The radio doesn’t work in my area (Tampa Fl ) emailed the developer no response. Money spent for nothing.

Don’t buy this App!

Got this app primarily for the weather radio and it only worked once. Tried multiple times to get in contact with customer support via email and never received a response. Extremely unreliable. Save your money.

Very helpful

App works very well for me, keeps me updated on official weather info, ability to here forecasted weather is great as I have family all over the country. I like it!

Not enough stations close to my area

Good enough app but need more areas across the state. I need info for my area not the other side of the state.

Great App! Classic NOAA Radio Experience!

This app is great. I remember listening to NOAA Weather Radio as a kid in the Midwest during tornado season. This is the classic radio, plus alerts, map, etc... Heck, you can even pause and rewind! I highly recommend this app. The alerts for severe weather are alone worth it.

Radio and weather

I’ve used this app now for two years. It satisfies my needs very well. I would and do recommend this app to my friends and neighbors. My congrats to the developers keep up the good work in always improving this app. Thank you El spike o

Great app

Love it

Free apps are much better than this one.

There are alerts I should’ve received with this app and I didn’t receive any alert. The weather channel app gave me the alerts though. This app will not connect to my local channel. I sent a message for support a week ago and I haven’t received a response nor has the app connected. I want my 2 dollars back!

Accurate alerts

We live in a tornado prone area. Our weather radio broke and the NOAA radio App gets us up to date everywhere we go.

Good app

I really like this app... works well

App is great just issues with the radio

The app itself is great. Having issues connecting to the radio here in Ouachita parish (Monroe LA)

Great App

This is exactly what we needed for our RV travels. Love all the features.

Junk app

Has maybe worked once in the past two years. No response from developers. Don’t waste your time.


I love this app The radio really is handy It all depends if the station is up Mick2004


specially when you don’t have cable tv

Works well

Delivers weather info in a timely fashion

What is going on?!?!?!

I used to love this app. I could rely on it when our cable would go out during a storm. NOT ANYMORE!!!! It has been OFFLINE for the past month!!! Every single time I have tried to go to this app for weather information, it tells me my station is offline. Unreliable and ridiculous!!

It's great

Last week we had some severe weather in the area my weather radio did not alert me of a thunder storm watch. This app did, it will be on all the time. Thanks


No support in Montana, a state in which weather will kill you if you are not ready for it. Have asked for Montana support several time with no reply.

Straight to the data that matters

Much like pushing the button on your trusty NOAA radio, this gets your straight to the data and forecasts that matter. There is no overhead or other stuff to wade through like other weather apps or your local weather channel with all its commercialization.

Won’t connect

The NOAA radio won’t connect, I emailed twice with no response. Please fix!

Limited Use for me

Was hoping for more stations. Live near St. Louis, MO. Only one station and it is currently down. Travel to Southern IL not much better.

Love the app! Use this daily during storm season!

I love how this app is so user friendly. I am on the NOAA website almost daily when I chase storms in the summer. I like how easy it is to click and get directly to the convective outlooks. Keep up the great work and thank you!!!

Great for Northern Alabama

We have a good mix of volatile weather in Northern Bama. This app has helped me stay abreast of all changes in weather.

Set to the level of warning you need

Great feedback and personalized support. Able to set alerts to my level of comfort. No longer do I have to scare my kids by having the tv on and terrifying them by every warning even if the county affected is far away. Now I can be alerted only when the weather is severe enough to head to the basement. And if a little thunderstorm pops up and I wonder if something more is expected, I can quickly open the app and check for alerts. Love the regional satellites. Keep up the good work!

Operation defect

I may remove this because it is difficult for me to navigate .. would like to give it another try. Drjanetta


This App deserves more praise as a life saver!

Does not work. No coverage in Louisiana.

“Station currently offline.” 😔 All three NOAA radio stations in Louisiana are inoperable. I installed it minutes ago because we have a bad hail storm with tornadoes in the area. Requesting my money back.

Radio down

I waited to review this app for several months. When I first purchased this app it said that the radio stations were down for my area. Many moons later they are still down. I am disappointed in that. It does set the alarms off when there's a warning in my area which is good and the actual radar is a very good product. Other than that it is just like any other weather app. I can't say that it is a total waste.

Why I love the NOAA app

I have used the NOAA weather app since 2014 and I love. I’ve been a dyed-in-the wool weather nerd since I was a child . This app was especially helpful in the just passed winter we had here in New Jersey Keep up the good work.

Peace of mind

So thankful to have this app! It provides peace of mind knowing I will get any and all weather alerts in the surrounding counties to keep my family safe!! Allows me to sleep soundly. Thank you!!!

NOAA Weather Radio

This is the best way to know what is coming your way for damaging weather. If you want to be warned and know you should go to the safest place, get this wonderful app that costs only $3.99, and the radio costs much more, and works when the power goes off. It's a wonderful way to be warned and know to get to a safe place. This is the app that tell it all and lets you know what on the way!!!

Start with the best!

When you need a source for weather for all parts of your life. NOAA is the best place to start Les

All a wannabe weather geek could ask for

That lightning strike notification gets me every time.

Stay Away. Doesn’t work

If I could give 0, I would. It has so many issues. Doesn’t work. No alarms. No alerts. Nothing works. Waste of money.

Keeps me updated!!!

I love being about to stay updated on the weather!!!! It gives me a piece of security in a storm!!!


I love this app for the weather radio. But since 3-5 months ago. My county stopped working. It always says its offline and it never comes back. Even though there’s a green button. I hope this gets sorted because I want to continue to use this app


Two Thumbs Up!

Love the alert

Really happy I got this app it performs timely and accurately. Easy to read and provides very accurate information.

Love this app!

This app works very well for me. It has been accurate predicting forecasts and prompt in sending notifications. In fact, it alerts me to storms and other bad weather prior to receiving notification in a banner on the bottom of my television screen. I don't think you can beat that.

Excellent App

NOAA and The National Weather Service are the #1 sources for consistently accurate land and maritime forecasts and warnings!


Easy to use and good to have especially during blizzard or tornado season.

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