NOAA Weather Radio App Reviews

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Nice radio option but no alerts

It says in the description of getting alerts of weather in your area...I have a high heat warning in my area and have not gotten as well as other severe weather...nothing. I like the radio but really thats about it. Not worth 4.99

Too many stations not working

My problem with this app is that too many stations that I tried to listen to are not working. I was trying to listen to some severe weather in different cities but every time I would click on a location it would say not working or something to that effect if this app is supposed to be a NOAA APP you would think there would be more of an effort to keep all the stations up and running especially if this app has in app purchases for what reason I dont know its nice to have the weather but I wish more of the cities had weather locations that work and why doesnt Alaska have a National Weather Service location on any of these apps that I noticed for live streaming


Ive had this app more than two months and thru several thunderstorms. So far, its been off line every time Ive opened it. Ill update if this changes. I feel fooled into wasting my money.

No Boston radio

Wish i could say its great app like so many others. But it cant even get Boston station. Paid $4.00 4 days ago and still no Boston. Very disappointed. Oh, and no refunds.

Excellent and Reliable

We have properties in Florida and in Tennessee. We rely upon this app to bring us weather reports from both places no matter where we are or whether we are in between. This has been an excellent aid to not only helping us to understand the weather in each place but also a secession planning as we move between properties.

The best weather app!

Lots of info in one app. Love all the features and the tech support was friendly, very help and fast to answer a question. Highly recommend for weather nits like me.

Great App

Fantastic app! Works great. Always has updated marine forecasts for boaters.

Weather Radio?

No San Antonio weather radio for months. Whats the problem?

Does not work

Bought app bad mistake. App says make sure have internet connection an have 3 bars LTE an it fails to operate.

Great app!

Just like my weather radio Ive been using for years! Only wish it would default to my city without having to pick from a long list every time.

Doesnt work

Bought during a power outage in KC and it doesnt connect to our local KC NOAA service. Its about as reliable as the power is tonight ... Zilch

Stations offline

The 3 stations I wanted are off line...... Save your money

Caveat Emptor

Apparently when this works, it works well. Unfortunately I am one of those who find a local station permanently "off-line". I live in Sarasota County Florida, and the local station is never available.

None better!

Been comparing, and this is outstanding.


Waste of money

Worst app I have ever purchased

This app is totally worthless. Save your money. If I could give zero stars I would.

Radio is worthless

I was very excited day one to have a weather radio app I missed my weather band CB I had in my old truck- weather radio worked for 24 hours then the stations went offline and months later remain offline- I cant listen to any weather station within 500 miles of my location.

Great App!

This is an excellent app. I highly recommend it!

cant beleive I wasted my money

What a disappointment, I was super excited to use this app as I missed the daily ritual of listening to my old weather radio, only to find out that my local area doesn;t have a radio station on the app. All of California only has 10 stations listed....

Still A Piece Of Garbage Update

I am very surprised that Apple with the numerous complaints that have been made against this APP would still allow it to be downloaded. This app is still a piece junk. The NOAA weather station for VCT Victoria, TX. is still offline. The same holds true for Covington, KY., Wilmington, NC., Cincinnati, OH., Dayton, OH., Cape Hatteras, NC., Charlotte, NC., Winston Salem, NC., New Bern, NC. Over 1/2 of the NOAA weather radio stations in NC. are off-line and have been so for a very long time. Numerous other stations in major cities have the same issue. The message that you get after clicking on one of the numerous stations is the following: "Station Currently Offline The selected station is currently offline. We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience while we work on restoring this station. Stay safe and please check back later." This is not the fault of NOAA. Rather it is the fault Crushbox Software/Christopher Coudriet. They nothing more than a aggregate company that merely takes the date from NOAA and then sends it to the user of this app. However if you have to ability via alternative means, you can see that these stations are not off-line. Rather it is quite the opposite. These stations are much up and are online. Crushbox Software/Christopher Coudriet and their technical support or lack therof is absolutely terrible. I have been waiting on responses for months now. They refuse to respond to any of my requests for assistance. Bottom line their are other apps out there that are far more reliable and whose tech support is fantastic. Save your money and look at alternative apps.

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