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NOAA Weather Radio

I have had this app about a year. I consider it essential since I live in South Fla and go out deep sea fishing frequently. Service is right on point and available 24/7.

NOAA Radio

I live in Traverse City, MI. From the day I got the app some months ago, any attempt to receive the Traverse City NOAA weather radio is greeted with an announcement that the station is off line, even though my hard wired radio is receiving the station loud and clear. I contacted the apps technical support staff; they emailed back that they are aware of the problem and are working on it. Over the next few months, I have repeatedly attempted to contact tech support again to get an update on any progress. They have stopped responding to my emails entirely. I have suggested to them that, as I live in Traverse City, the app is of no use to me and have requested a refund of the apps purchase price, but so far I have been ignored. I dont know how widespread this problem is, but I certainly would not recommend this app!

Doesnt work

All of Kansas and Missouri offline waist of money

Good app....BUT

Good app but, I live in Pittsburgh,Pa. There is radio in our region, but when you open the app a pop up opens that say"Were sorry, but weather radio is unavailable, we are working on it." This has been going on for 2 years, fix it or stop the box from continually opening!


Glad I wasted my money on an app that my local stations dont even come in


I live in South Central Oklahoma, thought this would be helpful, worthless!! We are currently in a tornado warning and this app is giving outdated information. Also the radar is very weak, tons better free weather apps i.e. Weather Bug, wish I could ask for my money back!

Good for those without Satellite or cable

All around decent app. Pros are multiple city weather reports. Live, hourly, etc. some decent maps. Cons: needs more areas. I dont know if thats the apps fault or lack of weather stations.


This app is a huge disappointment! I purchased this app in preparation for the upcoming storm season. I have spent the entire afternoon and evening glued to my TV to get warnings because this app did not alert me at all. Not even once!! It shows the alerts once I open the app, but no alert tones or notifications are sent to my phone. I have spent hours resetting, and making sure that notifications were set to allow this app permission. This was a complete waste of money and my time.

Stations always off-line

4/26/16 Nothing new. Still doesnt work in Kansas City! Biggest pos app ever! Every single time a watch or warning is issued,the Kansas City stations are off-line. I sleep in the sub level of the home and cant hear anything outside and depend on this but I am deleting the app because its completely unreliable. I dont care about anything other than tornado warnings but Im going to have to resort back to the old weather radio.

Just another broken app

Great app. Unless you want to use it. None of The stations work.

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