NOAA Weather Radio App Reviews

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Not worth the $

Can not connect to stations and long connect times.


January 2016: No change. December 2015: Only two of five Tennessee stations are on line. April 2015 update: The apps integrity and accuracy have undergone a significant improvement. ________________________ Previously: I bought this to get Morristown, Tn. The owner streamed someone elses broadcast. That person changed channels to Kentucky. I notified the owner. Six months later, I sent an email query and was informed, yes the Morristown station was available. I bought the app for an iPad last year. I downloaded the iPhone version and found the so-called Morristown station is still someone elses rebroadcast of a Kentucky NOAA station. Form your own opinion. The owner does not understand the NOAA All Hazards Radio organization.

No Alerts

I bought this specifically for alerts since I live on the beach. Last night there were tornado warnings for Manatee and Sarasota Counties. I have Manatee setup for alerts..... Nothing. There was a tornado on Siesta Key....Sarasota last night. Guess I wasted $3.99

POS APP!! Waste of Money!!

They can’t seem to fix a basic problem, and never respond to inquiries about the problem. The audio portion of the Boston weather radio station does not work. They display a message that station IS OFFLINE. WHAT??? This is complete BS!! CrushedBoxSoftware has unacceptable customer service and obviously poor ability to correct a basic problem with its software.

Needs more stations!!

Please add station KIG60! This app is useless to all of us up here in northern New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire without ! I will give this app 5 starts once its added

Was once great

I used it every day


This app is ridiculous! The only station around my area has been offline FOREVER!!!!!!


Stay far away from this app. Developer doesnt respond to emails. App claims weather stations are off line. Not true. The only weather station I have access to is in the northern part of my state which does not cover my area. Rip off. Give me money back you thief!!!!!

Fantastic nonfiction

Sounds an alert like a weather radio, so I am notified right away, no matter where I am. Lightening monitor tells how close lightening strikes are. Great for pool and kids sports


Great app! I recommend it if you want alerts but the radio for Pittsburgh is alwase offline

Not Useful

Tells me my local NOAA radio station is offline. I can listen to it on a radio, tho. Fix it.

Radio never receives anything!

Nothing has ever streamed for my location (buffalo ny) waste of money if you want this feature. Wish I could have verified this before buying it.

Added Coverage

I live in a deep valley where it is extremely difficult to receive NOAA weather radio. We have decent cell coverage, so I am able to get NWS radio reliably.

Fun and practical app

This app has notifications which are great for my area of Minneapolis. Also, I like the weather radio feeds . I wish you would add San Diego California to the weather radio. I might add, Im a weather enthusiast. . Keep it up!

How Frustrating!

Im sure this app is awesome. I read all the awesome reviews, which prompted me to pay the money to download an app that doesnt have radar for my area. What a waste. If you dont live in a MAJOR metro, dont waste your money.


This app doesnt have any radio options for my area in FL (Leon county) and the only thing thats helpful is the radar that I could have for free in my other weather app. Waste of $3.

No help!

I bought this scanner in hopes of staying ahead of a severe storm my county was under, just to find out my county nor surrounding counties are not on the radio. It would be nice to be able to use this radio! But until then REFUND PLEASE!!!!!

Bad app

Doesnt include radio coverage of my metro area. Worthless app.

Useless to me

I live in north central Florida and this app is useless to me. They should give you a list of close stations before you pay them. They are making money selling junk.

Change in review

Now that my local station is back up and running I give it 5 stars plus the alerts awesome

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