NOAA Weather Radio App Reviews

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Who do I email to get Riverhead,NY back on the app?

No coverage in a major city

I read all the great reviews and, especially in major cities, how well it worked. I live in Jacksonville FL and for the past two days the radio is off line. I set alerts for my area and during Hurricane Mathew, I did not receive one single alert. I would love to have my money back.

Two Thumbs Down

I had no access when I needed it most, right in the middle of Matthew! I want a refund!

Use NOAA radio in your car

Ive been using this app for almost 5 years. Its absolutely the best app for real weather. I have my phones Bluetooth synced in my Subaru, so I can listen to the NOAA radio station on my car stereo. This is better than lame XM radio weather or listening to all the FM or AM radio commercials to hear lousy local weather. Subarus used to have weather radio as part of their stereos, and this replaces that capability perfectly. The radar and weather alerts are perfect. I especially love when I get the alerts because around me go "WTH?!" when they hear that emergency broadcast klaxon wav file.

Doesnt work

Half of the stations are "offline" not real impressed.

Radio down

I waited to review this app for several months. When I first purchased this app it said that the radio stations were down for my area. Many moons later they are still down. I am disappointed in this hat aspect. It does set the alarms off when theres a warning in my area which is good. I cant say that it is a total waste.

Needs an update

Overall it does its job with playing NWR feeds but it doesnt look got on my iPhone 6S Plus, and according to a pop-up I just got upon launch its not compatible with iOS 10 and may slow down the device.

Not So Hot

As other reviewers have noted, not all NOAA radio stations are streaming. This app does push a weather alert as advertised, but my local NOAA station is not streaming, so I get a message stating the station is currently off line. It appears the station has never been on line. The station is broadcasting over the air. The NOAA icon on my phone continues to show a notification from months ago, possibly because my station is not on line? NOAA alerts orginate from the National Weather Service, its on the web, just go there to get the alerts instantly, no waiting for the radio message to loop, and provides considerably more accurate localized weather data by zip code. Will likly remove the app as it is more irritating than useful.

Save your money

Based on my own experience, and what seems to be common among other reviewers (going back to 2014), id say the developer isnt taking this app seriously anymore. Others have gotten no response when emailing with support requests. I sent a friendly "thanks and would you consider adding this feature" email to the developer and also got no response even after a month. I havent run into any of the missing stations yet personally, but i havent moved around much since getting the app. All that said, it does what it says it will, although the interface is clunky and inefficient. The visual design of the app is also "very 2009". The price would be a stretch /without/ the apparently dodgy this point id say its a bad gamble. Wish i had read more reviews before i bought.

Dont bother

Only one station in all of PA works. If you dont live in Erie, dont bother. You get the same limited channels as free apps.

Abandoned App

Hasnt been updated in years.

Do not waste your money.

A number of the stations I try to listen too are offline most of the time which is useless.

Great app. Keeps constant important info at your fingertips.

Recommend to everyone.

Refund me!

You have zero weather stations online in my area. Four stations are listed, but all are "currently off-line." Please refund me.

Poor coverage in Florida!

Lots of cites dont work that they have listed, wish I had read more reviews as this is a poorly managed App.

NYC Area station has been offline since the day I got this app.

I have a weather radio in my house. But I got this to see how stuff is when Im not near my radio. Even though the radio in my house set to NYC is clearly working, the NYC area station on this app has been dead since the day I got this app. (Several months) if the station for my area is fixed I will raise the rating.

Stations are never online. Alerts are useless. This app is a waste of money.


Its ok I guess. Would rather save my phone battery and use a storm radio tho.

Fake, deceptive reviews

Notice all these 5-star reviews read pretty much the same. Thats because they are fake, bought and paid for from a spam marketing company. Its deceptive and illegal. The app is completely worthless from the moment you launch it. It cant connect to NOAA at all, and every station from Alaska to Florida is "offline". Do not waste your money on this lying cheat.

Wasted my money!!!

Purchased this app for the weather radio feature, only to find out that the stations for Athens and Atlanta Georgia are "temporarily offline". Temporarily for the month and a half Ive had the app. I emailed customer service for an explanation or possibly a time frame, no response.

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