NOAA Weather Radio App Reviews

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Worst App

Dont waste your money Stations come In like your listing to a 1954 radio Dont waste your time Or money

Would give 0 stars if possible!!

Got this app hoping it would help keep me and my loved ones safe, but none of the stations in my area work! They are all offline, which cannot be the case seeing as Im riding through one of the worst storms Ive ever seen. Hope no one ever wastes their money on this app like I just did.

A joke..........

Tried to send this numerous times but for very shellfish reasons it does not get posted.........This app is a total waste of money. I live in tornado alley & in a large city with a National Weather Service office in my home city. I have 2 working weather alert radios on my home & wanted a portable version on my phone when we are away from home. Paid for this app and local weather is not available on this app. Emailed support folks 3 times with NO response. Asked for money back, NO response. Dont waste your money!

Stations not working

I purchased the app and most of the stations do not work. I emailed the support division several times with no response. Really need to fix the app. Very disappointed.

San Antonio

I bought this app in order to get weather alerts for the San Antonio area. IT DOESNT WORK!!!! San Antonio is a major City, how are you going to tell me the station is offline?! Waste of my f$&@$&g money.


This is the ONE app I use for my familys safety in severe weather. No matter where I travel, its got the radar, the weather stations, and current emergency information we need.

Not all stations

Before you spend four dollars on this app, check with the developer to see if your local station is included. It was only after I bought the app that I discovered my local station is not included. The reason I give it one star is not because its a bad app, I have no idea how good it is. But in the description they dont tell you that your station may not be included.

Once great, falling behind

Love this app. Its great and has no equals for severe weather notifications. However on my 6s Plus the resolution is awful, and its loaded with graphical glitches. Sorely needs an update for newer devices, other than that its still great.

Always Offline

It would be a great app if it didnt list local stations that it cant provide. Its been literally YEARS since I could get my local station. Im particularly put off by the message thanking me for my patience while they work on it. I wish I could force a refund at this point.

Was good,now my city is offline?!

Please fix the stations for Kansas City Mo.All three stations are unavailable! Has only worked very sporadically for a paid app.


The Boston station has been down for weeks and weeks. Not sure if this is an app problem or not. If it isnt, give it 5 stars.

Useless in Philadelphia.

There has been no audio in over 6 months. Its wasting space on my app screen. I keep hoping it will be fixed so I havent deleted it yet. My patience is wearing thin. If I lived in Erie PA this would be a useful app but thats several hundred miles away and the weather is completely different.

It was great but

Now there is no alert sound I have emailed you but you ignored it. Fix it dummies.

NOAA disconnect

Very disappointing that some NOAA weather radio stations no longer work, including mine. Message says apologies for problem; but it seems that no fix is coming. No response to my requests for info. Its a shame because otherwise its a great site. Please fix.

Crashes Constantly!!!

Used to be the best app for alerts. No updates since 2014. Now it just crashes all the time. Very disappointed.

NOAA Radio

I read the reviews. Sounded like a good app for weather forecasts. I am trying the app and have upgraded the radar maps and sounds, however the app keeps crashing on me. I get weather alerts but there is no alert active when opening app.

All stations offline

Every station I add reads offline. Its a useless app.

San Antonio Radio down

Need update, the San Antonio radio feed has been down for a while

Hi-Def Add-On Crashes App

Love this app so I bought the add-ons. Now it force closes within 10 seconds of launch while using hi-def radar. Emailed developer but no response.

Waste of money

I bought this because I wanted weather radio including marine forecasts but none of the radio stations work. Theyve been offline for last two weeks since I bought this crap app

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